"Thanks again for everything you've done for us to date! We absolutely love our photos and already have some hanging in our home. I think one of the things I'm most excited about on our wedding day is to work with you again and see what beautiful images we get next! You truly are an artist with a camera and we are so lucky we found you!" Megan Moroney, Bride

"Nathan and I have absolutely loved working with Sabrina. She is so comfortable to shoot with, because she lets the couple be themselves. Our pictures are absolutely beautiful because Sabrina let us be ourselves and have fun while shooting. Sabrina was also really flexible with us. We changed our mind a couple of times about what package we wanted and the coverage we wanted, but Sabrina was very flexible with us. She also had very helpful suggestions when we needed them. Sabrina was very organized, as well, and as a bride, I really appreciated that. She helped us work on our wedding day timeline until we were all happy and comfortable with a flexible schedule we created. We also love Sabrina’s prices; they’re some of the best in town. And, above all, our Sabrina’s photographs are absolutely stunning. We received countless compliments from friends, family, and strangers on our pictures. We couldn’t be happier with SABphotography! Thanks Sabrina!" Kyra Kuik, Bride

"We got all of the pictures today! We absolutely love it all. The packaging looks fantastic. We couldn't be happier! Thank you so much!" Kyra Kuik, Bride

"We were very pleased with the quality of Sabrina’s photographs. She really captured the day.

She brought to light the essence of our daughter and her groom.

Just like the whole wedding seemed to work out positively, our interaction with Sabrina was easy going and flowed with the whole celebration.

Thankfully we are not planning another wedding in the near future!

However, we would have no reservations recommending Sabrina’s work to anyone."

Kathy England, Mother of the Bride

"We enjoyed our afternoon photo session. Our whole experience was pleasant from start to finish. The pictures turned out great too!!" Dennis & Michele Svanes

"That was the most fun and the most laughs we have all had together in a long time. The pictures were so beautiful, not only of us, but the location you chose was very scenic and just what we wanted. We were extremely impressed and can’t wait till our next photo shoot. Thanks Sabrina! We really enjoyed it!" Jeanette Simpson

"Received our order today. Love,Love Love the 16x24,it turned out fantastic. We have it set over the fireplace now until we get it framed. We couldn't be more pleased with the results of everything you have done. You have been a pleasure to work with. Thanks for everything." Paul & Debbie Rasnick

"I really appreaciate all of the planning and how helpful you were before the wedding. Having me chose someone to line people up after the wedding and picking what shots were important before hand was really perfect. I honestly didn't even notice you taking pictures during the wedding, that is how unobtrusive you were!! I thought I was going to like our outside pictures the best, but I like our candid shots the best. You did a wonderful job." Wendy & Don Mazzotti

"Sabrina is a brilliant artist and amazing photographer. She has an incredibly unique eye for beautiful photographs. Her kindness and patience with our family was astounding. We were thrilled with our finished products and would recommend her services for any special occasion." Leah Ouzts